Battle of the Bands: Semifinal #4

The last round of the Battle of the Bands Semifinals is TONIGHT at HI-FI. 

Here are the bands who will be performing for your votes to head onto the finals:

Huckleberry Funk is a “high-powered funk/soul band” based in Bloomington, IN. Brought together by their love for “groove-centric music,” the band enjoys giving their audience powerhouse vocals and rock-solid grooves. Check them out tonight and on their Spotify.

War on TV is a post-hardcore rock n’ roll band based in Indianapolis, IN. Their goal is to “usher in a new era of rock n roll dominance and prominence.” Listen to their face-melting tunes tonight and on Spotify.

Devil to Pay is a “stoner-doom” band based out of Indianapolis, IN. The band has made a name for themselves in the underground scene since 2002 and will be releasing their sixth album, Forever, Never or Wherever, soon. Check out their set tonight and their songs on Spotify.

Bullet Points is an alternative-rock band hailing from Indianapolis, IN. Their heartfelt lyrics of ache and desire have earned them a full-length album, Paso Doble, debuting in early 2020. Listen to their hypnotic rhythms tonight and on their Spotify.

Giant Not Giant is a duo of friends who write power-rock music in Indianapolis, IN. The two expect to be a part of the resurgence of “riff-driven rock and roll,” which they believe is on the horizon. Listen to the Foo Fighters-esque group tonight and on their Spotify.

Bunkbeds is an indie dream-pop band from Indianapolis, IN. The group wants to make the world a better place through their music, which features velvety vocals and tight drums. Check them out tonight and on their Spotify.

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