Battle of the Bands FINALS

The FINAL ROUND of our Battle of the Bands contest is happening on February 15th at The Vogue. Tickets are available at the Vogue box office on Saturday starting at 5 PM. 

Here are the 8 bands competing for your votes to win the grand prize of $10,000, a van, and studio time:

Forstory is an indie pop band from Indianapolis, IN. A frequent performer at the HI-FI, the group enjoys blending “diverse styles and sounds into catchy hooks and thoughtful songwriting.” Listen to their recent single “Another Day” on their Spotify.

Bullet Points is an alternative-rock band hailing from Indianapolis, IN. Known for their “heartfelt lyrics of ache and desire,” eyes are on their upcoming full-length album, Paso Doble, set to debut in early 2020. Listen to their “hypnotic rhythms” on their Spotify.

Jake Schlegel is a singer-songwriter from Indianapolis, IN. His “infectious, yet thought provoking songwriting delights audiences show after show.” Listen to his song “East City Lights” on his Spotify.

Porch Kat is a “rock-fusion band” based in Muncie, IN. The band released an EP, called “With a K” at the beginning of 2019 and another one, titled “Hot Fruit” at the end of 2019. Listen to their song “Smudge” on their Spotify

J. Elliott is an “acoustic rock folk” singer from Indianapolis, IN. Once apart of Stereo Deluxe, a band that was also based in Indianapolis, he went solo in 2017 and released a series of singles including “With the Lord in Her Heart” and “She’s An Outlaw.” Listen to them on his Spotify.

Huckleberry Funk is a “high-powered funk/soul band” based in Bloomington, IN. Brought together by their love for “groove-centric music,” the band enjoys giving their audience powerhouse vocals and rock-solid grooves. Check them out on their Spotify.

The Palace is a band from Indianapolis, IN. During their sets, they like to “alternate between sweet soulful vocal runs and unabashed lead guitar” while still being fun and making breaks for “tenderness.” Listen to their new single called “Whatchamacall’em” on their Spotify.

Audiodacity is a funk hip-hop band from Indianapolis, IN. The group of 5 have all been involved in music in some sort of way during their lives and believe that anything is possible with their “face-melting” music. Listen to their song “Succubus” on Spotify.

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