Introducing HI-FI Annex: a new open-air stage coming to Fountain Square

HI-FI Annex is less than a week away from completion. We’re excited to welcome live music fans to this new open-air venue within the next week. The West Fork Whiskey main stage is looking incredible! Using our indoor and outdoor event spaces will allow us more flexibility to weather Covid-19 restrictions while implementing high-level safety precautions for both rooms. More shows will be announced in the next few days, as well as an official open date. HI-FI Annex is a multi-purpose facility for concerts, marketplaces and other special events.  For information on performing or renting the venue, contact Thanks to Indy Star for the early coverage as well as A2 Fabrication, Deylen, and our fellow businesses in the Murphy Arts Center for their support.

HI-FI owner Josh Baker sitting on what will be the stage of the HI-FI Annex.
Photography: Robert Scheer/IndyStar

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