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An energetic indie rock band from Long Island who mix hooky emo with math rock smarts, Macseal released a trio of increasing well-received indie EPs in the mid-2010s before delivering their 2019 full-length debut.

Staffed by Ryan Bartlett (vocals, guitar), Cole Szilagyi (vocals, guitar), Greg Feltman (guitar), Justin Canavaciol (bass), and Francesca Impastato (drums), the group formed in 2014 and self-released their eponymous home-recorded debut EP in August 2015. From their start, Macseal’s sound relied heavily on complex riffs and quirky time signatures while remaining accessible through warmly melodic, emo-driven songwriting. A second EP, Yeah, No, I Know, appeared in in 2017 as the band ramped up their touring amid school responsibilities; several members were enrolled at Berklee School of Music. Their third EP, 2018’s Map It Out, was recorded in Maryland with veteran engineer J. Robbins (the Promise Ring, the Dismemberment Plan), and represented an improved production value.

Prior to the release of their first album, Macseal signed with 6131 Records and slimmed down to a quartet with the departure of Feltman. Their debut full-length, Super Enthusiast, was released in late 2019. ~ Timothy Monger, Rovi
Jun 8
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