Public Statement

It’s been brought to my attention that the organizers of Low Pone have posted some disparaging remarks about me, our venue and our companies on social media. I’ve always taken the position that if it’s not true, then I don’t need to engage or respond.  But, in this case, these accusations are absolutely not true and … more »
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HI-FI Annex welcomes fans to new outdoor venue

We had another successful weekend at HI-FI Annex with our Freestyle Friday preview night featuring DJs Lemi Vice & Trilli and Saturday’s Local Music Git Down featuring Bobby Donnelly, Ross Hollow, The SuperChief Band, and HI-FI’s very own Joe Hamgeri. The sun was shining, the drinks were flowing, and there were smiles all around (under … more »
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Introducing HI-FI Annex: a new open-air stage coming to Fountain Square

HI-FI Annex is less than a week away from completion. We’re excited to welcome live music fans to this new open-air venue within the next week. The West Fork Whiskey main stage is looking incredible! Using our indoor and outdoor event spaces will allow us more flexibility to weather Covid-19 restrictions while implementing high-level safety precautions … more »
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