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Sid Simons’ forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Beneath the Brightest Smiles’, reflects his multi-cultural, globe-hopping upbringing. These days based in Brooklyn, Sid was born in Portland, OR, raised in Sydney, Australia, moved to New York in his early teens, attended high school in Shanghai, China, returned to New York where, eschewing his final year at school, he climbed aboard his trusty Astro van and headed off on a rambling several month long road trip around America. He returned with a suitcase full of stories which became the foundation for the songs on his band GIRL SKIN’s first album, the critically acclaimed ‘Shade is on the other side’.

Today, performing under his own name but with support from essentially the same core group of talented players who made up GIRL SKIN, plus a rotating confederacy of brilliant collaborators, Sid has gathered another magnetic and poetic collection of songs that hook you in from the get-go and don’t let up until the final crucial note of ‘Beneath the Brightest Smiles’.

The album was created in collaboration with Gordon Raphael, acclaimed producer of the Strokes first two landmark albums, Regina Spektor, Skin, Blonde Redhead and many other major acts. Raphael was a natural fit for Sid’s latest collection of songs and flew in from his home in the UK to work with the band at Mercy Sound Recording Studio in the East Village.

‘Beneath the brightest Smiles’ will be released by Jullian Records on June 23rd and available on all platforms.

Aug 31
Modern English
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