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Cincinnati based singer-songwriter, Abby Holliday, has been writing songs for as long as she can recall. The 24-year-old burgeoning young artist is best know for exploring serious themes without taking herself too seriously. 
 Bearing resemblance to the sonic qualities of female icons Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers, Holliday’s songwriting is a unique intersection of sad vibes, introspective lyricism, and modern pop-sensibility. 
 Holliday attempts to examine her external world as a skeptic — not a cynic — and her internal world with honesty — not cruelty. By way of the journal entries that she calls her songs, Holliday invites others to do the very same.

Dec 3
First Friday: Tedious & Brief + Abby Holliday
LO-FI Lounge
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