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Singer/songwriter from Indiana. “I grew up on 80’s hair metal,” Alex Williams says with a laugh. “My dad listened to Cinderella and Ratt, so that was my musical upbringing until I was about 16. That’s when my grandparents played me ‘Dreaming My Dreams’ by Waylon Jennings and ‘Red Headed Stranger’ by Willie Nelson.” It would be hard to overstate the importance of those records on Alex Williams’ life. After hearing them, he traded in his electric guitar for an acoustic, dove deep into classic country music and began writing his own songs. Roughly a decade later, Williams released his debut album, ‘Better Than Myself,’ and much like Willie and Waylon, he did it on his own terms. ‘Better Than Myself’ is a distant cry from the sugary pop hybrids currently dominating country radio airwaves, and as far as Williams is concerned, that’s a good thing.


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