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For Annika Bennett, songs are a space to hear ourselves out. Whether writing for herself or other artists, Annika’s songs bubble with quiet curiosity, and a willingness to put words to complicated feelings.

Annika Bennett was nine years old and living just north of New York City when she started playing guitar and writing songs, inspired by her obsession with the Beatles. By age 11, she was leading an all-girl rock band, and by the time she graduated high school had written hundreds of songs and won multiple awards. After a brief stint at NYU, Annika moved to Nashville, penning songs with the likes of gnash, Jordy Searcy, Catie Turner, and more. Aside from pop songwriting, she found artistic growth in the Nashville DIY scene, playing house shows with a variety of indie artists. Annika learned to empower her music, not through showy performance, but a quiet insistence and invitation to listen. Her new artist project holds a vast collection of solo-written songs that fuse pop concision, country clarity, indie introspection, and the remarkably playful melodic instinct of McCartney classic rock.

Nov 8
Penny & Sparrow
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