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Apr 6
William Fitzsimmons – The Sparrow and The Crow 15th Anniversary
LO-FI Lounge
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Baerd is the Nashville based project spearheaded by Isaiah Beard. Often described as babbling-brook core, indie folk, climbing-a-tree core, cut-your-own-bangs core, progressive folk, and even twirling-in-a-circle-and-thinking-its-art core. Baerd is influenced by many artists such as The Beatles, Punch Brothers, Frank Ocean, Perfume Genius, but their primary influence is the sound of water fluttering in between their toes as they frolic gently in a stream on an overcast day, dancing through whatever apocalyptic awareness had just sullied their morning, gently skipping past whatever morbid memory had robbed them of the sweet peace of a good nights shut eye.

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