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In 1983 an elevator door opened in a Memphis, Tennessee hotel. Inside, weary from travel and nervous about embarking on a tour with the Spiral Staircase band was Laura, a singer and dancer from rural Wisconsin. Outside waiting to get in and feeling excited about the upcoming tour was the bands drummer, Dan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The rest is history so they say. After decades of sharing music and love and raising a family of musicians, Dan and Laura Martier have finally come together musically to create a unique hybrid of sounds and songs all on their own. As the duo Birddog, the Martier’s blend years of collaborative experience to create music infused with passion and personal stories. On Open Air, the couples debut recording, you will hear sounds as versatile as the Martier’s themselves ranging from Latin, rock, and soul, to country, Cajun and beyond. What ties this labor of love together from song to song is Laura’s consistently gorgeous voice, Dan’s versatile drumming and their beautiful harmonies. When not playing with Birddog, the Martier’s are busy lending their talents to a variety of projects. Dan is the drummer for Tim Reynolds and TR3 and has been recording and touring with Reynolds for almost eight years. He is also a sought after session player and is featured on many recording projects and live shows. Laura is also a much wanted session singer and a jazz recording artist with VSOJAZZ Records. Between travel and tours, the Martier’s can be found on the beach in Southern Shores, North Carolina, their home-base.
Feb 1
SOLD OUT: TR3 feat. Tim Reynolds (of Dave Matthews Band)
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