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Ain’t nobody got time to read this shit but here we go anyway. Started playing music in front of people in high school. Sophomore year to be exact. Had a few beers and let it fly. Felt like magic. Got addicted to hands clapping and whistles. Been screwed with the songwriter bug ever since. Played in a couple bands after high school. Moved to NYC from my hometown of Frankenmuth Michigan when I was 23. Sang in a band. Toured many years in a van and trailer up and down the east coast. Got into another band. Did a record that Eddie Kramer mixed. It rocked. We broke up. Started doing a solo songwriter/rock and roll thing. Signed a publishing deal with Primary Wave/BMG/Skiddco. Did the record in Nashville with Skidd Mills and the Contraband boys. Had a single. Called it “Moment of Silence”. Went to #51 on Billboard. Kept playing shows the whole way. Toured/played shows with Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Daughtry, Cadillac Three, Candlebox, Uncle Kracker, Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, Huey Lewis and countless others. Moved to Cincinnati. met the Vintage Youth boys. Put out a few EP’s and a full length. Finishing another now. Out soon in 2020. Never stopped playing shows. Thanks for getting this far. Until next time folks!
Feb 24
Charlie Worsham
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