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It’s not quite a punk band or completely polished pop act: B+M are organic. Their shows areridiculous, but their songs have a message. Brandon Asraf is the man behind the music,drawing inspiration from his youth filled with anxiety, depression, and the social complexities ofbeing the son of a con man, smuggler & international fugitive. He has lived a life stranger thanmost, his songs painting a picture of his journey through every lyric. Brick + Mortar was born onBrandon’s little brother’s couch, with his buddy John Tacon; a big experiment with smallexpectations. In 2012, the duo signed to Mad Dragon Record Label at Drexel University with theopportunity to be featured on the record Making Moves; a 7inch record produced by Motion CitySoundtrack. Three records, multiple festival appearances, and countless tours later (Includingruns with The Front Bottoms, Yoke Lore, The Unlikely Candidates, and Anthony Green), Brick+Mortar have perfected the art of blending the authenticity and emotion of a one on one livingroom performance with an over the top, The Flaming Lips-esque visual performance.Throughout the years, their goal has stayed the same: to make the music their hearts and mindslead them to make. They’re just glad that you listen.

May 11
Brick + Mortar
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