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Formed in 2000, Byzantine has been consistenly heralded as the most underrated band from the NWOAHM Movement, which suits the West Virginia based groove metal band to a tee. To state that their 6th album and their debut on Metal Blade Records, The Cicada Tree is ‘classic Byzantine‘ in no way implies that this is an album solely rooted in the band’s past. Certainly, all of the hallmarks that have made their sound so compelling for close to two decades are present and correct.

“Byzantine is just spot on. Powerhouse vocals and a killer thrash sensibility and just right up my alley. It makes the kid in me happy.” – Mark Tremonti, Tremonti/Alter Bridge

“Byzantine is an incredible band and Metal Blade has made a supremely excellent choice in their signing. Monster riffs, soulful vocals, passionate thought provoking lyrics. Byzantine is precisely what I look for in a winning metal band.” – Gene Hoglan, Dark Angel/Death/ Strapping Young Lad/Testament

“The Byz are back and better than ever, and yes, STILL, nobody beats ‘em.” – Jose Mangin, Sirius XM

“Easily one of my most anticipated bands to hear. Byzantine from West ‘By God’ Virginia does not disappoint!” – Chris Kael, Five Finger Death Punch

“I Love this band! We play Byzantine before every MH show to get riled up. Aggressive melodic thrash with amazing solos? Fuck yes! – Phil Demmel, Machine Head


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