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The artist project of Pittsburgh music producer John O’Hallaron. Members of the live band include Nick O’Hallaron, Jon Henderson, and Michael Berger. The music oscillates between groovy electronic music, funk, dance, and psychedelic rock. The discography is comprised of solo recordings and in recent years, collaborations with the live band. Some albums are instrumental and some are vocally centered. Some shows are solo or duo live electronic performances while others lean more funk and jam featuring the full band. Key electronic albums: Conscious, Bounce, Sunset, Flow State. Key solo albums: Fire on the Beach, Word of the Soul, Song of an Eastern Wind, Passages, Fear or Love, Crystal Coast, Sediment, Follow Me. Key albums with the band or other collaborators: Stuck in Between, Spectrum, Sprout, With You, Chalk Dinosaur & Friends.

Feb 3
Dizgo Presents Melt
The Vogue
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