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chickpee is the solo project of Italian musician, Chiara D’Anzieri. She began a professional classical career as a cellist at the age of 13, a child prodigy that spent her developing/teen years traveling from city to city in Italy performing with various orchestras and quartets but eventually decided to take a hiatus from her classical life for sake of her own mental health and wanting to explore other kinds of music and instruments. She then spent many years as a producer/studio musician/songwriter at a studio near her hometown of Ravenna, IT. In June 2018, her and her partner, American musician , met at a beach venue in Ravenna which lead to them falling in love and taking her first ever airplane to the United States and out of her home country for the first time.

She talks about this whole experience, including overcoming fears of border patrol/immigration in America in her first song, “25”, which her and Gallo recorded at their house in Nashville during her first ever visit, it is also the first time she wrote lyrics and sang in English.

Currently living in the U.S., chickpee is working on her first full-length album “IMPORTED” which will detail her experience over the last couple years as she uprooted her whole life to move across the world amidst a pandemic and global chaos.

May 14
Ron Gallo
HI-FI Annex
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