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Cory Williams’ Bird Mouth is a love letter and a eulogy to love lost. Written after a breakup and in the early days of a new relationship, the Indianapolis born, Austin based musician chronicles the ups and downs of new loves and old lives building and discentegrating with the precision of our best storytellers. He’s Townes Van Zandt, if the lonely troubadour found a collective of collaborators. He’s Hiss Golden Messenger airlifted from the North Carolina hills into the heart of Austin, Texas. The comparisons fit, but above all, Cory Williams is simply himself. His tales are quiet but they sneak up with after-shock impacts that last for days. On Bird Mouth, “I Hope You Do” rings with hope and the confident desperation of Williams’ voice. He’s sure of himself, but willing to admit mistakes―the rare artist both aware of his vulnerabilities and actively working to move past them.
“Begin Again” is a full-band affair, featuring David Jimenez on slide guitar circling Williams’ tale like a pack of birds spotting prey from high above. But instead of relinquishing, Cory stands strong, heart on sleeve yet confident that the circulatory center he lays bare beats with precision and confidence. It’s a special talent―balancing a sense of desperation with a joie de vivre―that Williams uses to accent his stories time and again on Bird Mouth.

“Throw it at the World” is a defiant anthem, and aside from Williams’ outstanding vocals, his collaborators help bring the song to its apex of grace and catharsis. Backed by members of the Band of Heathens and assisted by vocalist Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child & Sir Woman, Bird Mouth is a uniquely local tale. The songwriting sessions ran all night, the daylong studio sessions both sweaty and inspiring. Cory Williams is at the heart of this work, but his fellow players pushed the music to a place few musicians reach on their own, thanks to producer Gordy Quist.

We judge our artists by who wants to work with them, and on his new record, Cory Williams proves himself to be a collaborator that players are happy to accompany. Aside from the Band of Heathens backing each track, Williams enlisted the help of another Austinite, songwriter David Ramirez, who co-wrote the song “Backseat.”

On the album, the group coheres in an ecstatic way. Cory Williams leads the charge, effortlessly guiding the band through his rocky yet ultimately triumphant concepts. It’s a gorgeous testament to faith, love, and community. Bird Mouth is the emergence of an artist who has bubbled just beneath the surface for quite some time. With the album, Cory WIlliams has emerged; and he’s bringing his friends and family along for the ride.

Dec 30
Keller & Cole
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