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From prison to pandemic, Dale and the ZDubs are back in full force. Inspired by Dale’s 2017 to 2020 incarceration for a non-violent drug crime, DZD’s recent releases combine a distinct reggae influence intertwined with a hard-hitting rock style to tell raw, ridiculous, and vulnerable stories.

After the 3 year hiatus, Dale, Miles, Johan, Pat, and Julian went to work during quarantine to put instrumentation and melody behind the lyrics Dale wrote on the inside. Dale also hit up some old friends to be part of the comeback. The result is the current stream of saucy singles including “This Time” feat. The Elovaters, “Pathological” feat. Bumpin Uglies, and of course, “Her Melody” feat. HIRIE. In addition, ska-punk-rock-fan-favorite, “Neighbors,” featuring BALLYHOO! was finally released in the fall of 2023.

DZD’s absolute obsession with performing live is the catalyst of their continuously heavy tour schedule (if Dale isn’t in prison and/or the world isn’t ending). DZD has recently shared the stage with the likes of Sublime with Rome, Passafire, Little Stranger, Kash’d Out, Long Beach Dub Allstars, and Artikal Sound System. High-energy live shows feature multi-part vocal harmonies, along with thick guitar driven melodies. Sometimes Dale gets a little fucken crazy on stage too!

May 16
Kash’d Out
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