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Daniel Noah Miller is a Nicaraguan-American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. A founding member of acclaimed alternative duo Lewis Del Mar, who have accrued 350M+streams to date, Miller has been quietly working on his solo debut since 2020. In the interim, he’s been experimenting with different methods of creation, including photography, poetry, and splicing cassette tapes with a razorblade to create looping soundscapes.

Making music in the silence of the pandemic largely alone in his apartment, Miller found inspiration in ambient and Brazilian psychedelia, from Milton Nascimento’s Clube Da Esquina to the works of Steve Reich, Emahoy Tsegué’s Ethiopiques and legendary William Basinski work The Disintegration Loops. Miller alchemizes the radical changes he went through since 2020 — a breakup, a cross-country move, and his father’s passing — into a sultry, playful, and inventive sound rooted in his own musical genesis: the guitar.

Starting his songs by writing prose and then chiseling the words into haunting, emotive lyrics, Miller explores hartbreak, disillusionment, and the rapturous process of time passing. Miller is a true sonic storyteller of the fractured reality of our times, a musician unafraid to observe what’s left after private and public apocalypse and make moving art from the ashes.

Jun 14
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