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Entrepreneur. Innovator. Revolutionary.

Producer, writer and performer

Daylo Raymonz born Dy’lan Raymonz Massey attributes his discovery and devotion to music, to the likes of legends D’ANGELO, Dr. Dre and DeVante Swing. All names that have withstood the test of time then and now.

A perfect balance of righteousness and rebelliousness, Daylo is a meticulous mash-up of Malcolm X and Marvin Gaye. Both having shaped his poise as a performer and philosophies of the world at large.

Writing and arranging songs since the age of 7 years old, Daylo was raised and respected in Haughville, Indianapolis. Turning tragedy to triumph, he found his love for music playing keys at church circa 2014 until his journey beckoned him to Atlanta in pursuit of music production in 2016. However, his foundation followed him as he landed gigs at churches in Georgia. All the while studying musicians like Zaytoven and Cassius Jay, he soon became well-aware of his calling to become a full-time producer/musician.

Late 2017, Daylo returned home to Indianapolis (Naptown), IN where he began to build a musical chemistry with artist Dev Demetries, formerly known as “DBo”. He is credited for production for several songs on Demetries’ 2018 release “JailTalk #710846”.

Demonstrating his undeniable hustle and will-power, Daylo harnessed the communicative power of art in his debut release of “Native $on” in 2020. A soulful, harmonious heavy-hitter painted perfectly about his life & many obstacles while growing in Indianapolis. Now a year later, that story still speaks true to its natives.

Jul 9
Huckleberry Funk
HI-FI Annex
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