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Coming from the vibrant south side of Chicago DJ B.A.E (they/she), has always embraced a diverse range of music that reflects her cultural roots. Growing up she immersed herself in the rhythms of beats, the rawness of East Coast productions and the soulful sounds of Chicago house music.

During her time in Boston art became a source of inspiration for her while music set her passion ablaze. With over five years of experience as a DJ she has become a virtuoso in blending genres performing at art shows and festivals with an open-minded approach.

DJ B.A.E.s skills on turntables have been refined through training at Deckademics, where she is mastering the art of scratching. As an Indianapolis resident and holder of a Computer Engineering degree she is committed to learning and constantly refining her craft.

Dec 9
Queer Dance Party w/ Public Universal Friend + i.V KiNG
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