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Dylan Hartigan’s soul-warming vocals share a vulnerability in songs with distinctive Americana-inspired indie folk melodies + thought-provoking lyrics. From a small town in New Jersey right outside NYC, Dylan states, “I grew up on “skyline views + yet starless skies,” the juxtaposition of which he fervently elaborates on his debut 10-track album due out later this year.

After finding a box of records in his family’s basement while cleaning up after a flood, he managed to save The Doors’ compilation album Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine + gave it a spin. “I didn’t know what was happening, but I couldn’t move to get up + flip to side B, I was completely stuck in a trance laying on my back, + that moment was the moment I decided music was mine.” He finds guidance + inspiration from The Allman Brothers Band + The Eagles, along with Bob Dylan + B.B. King.

“The Voice” judge Kelly Clarkson invited Dylan to perform onstage during her “Meaning of Life” tour (2019), where he was introduced to esteemed rock n soul artist Maggie Rose. They had an immediate connection which led to Maggie co-producing Dylan’s upcoming album with Grammy-nominated producer Bobby Holland in Nashville.

The album’s tracks ebb + flow as Dylan goes through love, heartbreak, passion + adventure while on his path to becoming a man + connecting with the Earth around us. “I need the music as much as my fans do”, says Dylan. “I want them to take away the fact that the world wants to hear what you have to say.”

Sep 10
Maggie Rose – Have A Seat Tour 2021
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