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Breakout singer Elah Hale realizes an effortlessly honest and sophisticated sound with her forthcoming debut EP. At just 20, her music radiates a lush confidence that speaks to her exponential trajectory, self-releasing as a 17-year-old to inking a deal with Interscope Records. Raised in New York, Elah Hale is unsurprisingly wise beyond her years bolstered by supportive parents to pursue music. She took up guitar at the age of 5 and quickly recognized her penchant for singing and writing songs by 7. In 2015, she shared the free-association song “Porsche, Hat, Cloud” on Tumblr which went viral, allowing her to recognize her music’s capacity to capture a widespread audience. Elah Hale vividly recalls how often profound moments in her life are intertwined with, if not elucidated by, music. It is this frankness that allows her to deliver a range of affect from touching to playful to painful and back with a keen sensibility for creating memorable music. Her introspective lyrics traverse the joy and heartbreak that multidimensional intimacy and relationships, not just romance, afford. Now at the helm of her debut label project, Elah Hale reminds us that we are all in media res, trusts where she’s going, and we are right to follow.

Oct 14
Lewis Del Mar
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