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Freeced (They/Them) is a nerdcore rapper, producer, and singer known for embracing a number of styles, high-quality lyricism, and producing a range of songs across genres that make you go “Hm, that sure is a Freeced song.” Since appearing on YouTube in 2019, they have become a familiar face in nerdcore, especially in the anime rap scene, appearing and collaborating on tracks by Shwabadi, RUSTAGE, GameboyJones, The Stupendium, YTCracker, and more. A versatile performer, Freeced can also be seen improvising and playing the occasional acoustic set or streaming on Twitch, where they are known for chilled-out gaming and chatting streams, often featuring other members of the nerdcore community.

Mar 20
Schaffer The Darklord
LO-FI Lounge
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