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Leave it to Great Peacock — a band whose big, bold sound has been sharpened by years of relentless touring — to create some of the most compelling rock & roll road music of the 21st century.

Forever Worse Better, the third full-length release from the Nashville band (following 2015’s Making Ghosts and 2018’s Gran Pavo Real), is an anthemic soundtrack for a life spent on the move, chasing down brighter horizons somewhere between the blur of truck stops and traffic lights. This is the band’s defining album: a record about the three-way intersection between drive, desperation, and determination, rooted in the epic sweep of heartland rock, the harmonized melodies of amplified Americana, and the hooks of guitar-driven pop music. It’s an album that proudly wears its influences on its sleeve, yet still sports a sound that’s unmistakably Great Peacock’s own.

While the album’s guest list is admittedly impressive — with everyone from American Aquarium‘s former pedal-steel guitarist, Adam Kurtz, to Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit‘s lead guitarist, Sadler Vaden, lending their help — most of Forever Worse Better was handled in-house, a move that showcases the strength of a band whose members have not only crystallized their sound, but sharpened their own abilities, too.

Forever Worse Better is a soundtrack for those of us who, like them, are on the road to somewhere better, the windows down, the radio cranked high, songs moving through our head at highway speed.

May 9
An Evening with Great Peacock & Cordovas
HI-FI Indianapolis
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