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Singer/Songwriter Hayden Coffman is a rising star in the world of country music. With his soulful voice he has captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike with authentic lyrics, smooth vocals, and undeniable charisma. Hailing from Knoxville, TN, Hayden’s journey is deeply rooted in the traditions of the genre, yet he infuses his own unique flair and authenticity into every song he creates.

Driven by his unwavering passion, Hayden has been making waves in the industry. With a constant stream of new releases Hayden has found favor in the hearts of music fans around the globe. Hayden was recently featured as the face of Spotify’s “Fresh Finds Country” & “Next From Nashville” playlists, in addition to Amazon’s “BreakThrough Country” and Tidal’s “Country Rising” playlists. In 2023, Hayden was one the fastest growing unsigned country artists in America, breaking the top 3 on Spotify and top 5 on YouTube. Hayden racked up more than a handful of Top 10 releases on the iTunes charts as an independent artist. Since the November 2022 release of his single “Where’s The Whiskey” and recent collabs with artist’s Chase Matthew (“Raised In The Holler”), and Trey Lewis (“Give A Country Boy A Call”) Hayden has amassed more than 100 million total streams to date, and his YouTube videos have topped 26 million total views.

As his star continues to rise and his artistry evolves, he is poised to make an indelible mark on the country music world. Hayden represents the next generation of country artists who are carrying the torch of this beloved genre by pushing the boundaries, while also staying true to its essence.


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