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Henryd with JusMari + Kenny Morrell

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Henryd is a 22 year old musician from Zionsville, Indiana. Henry started making music for fun in the 7th grade, and eventually decided to pursue music seriously before heading off to college in 2018-2019. Henry uses a mix of Indie, Pop, Rap, and Punk influences to create a unique sound throughout his discography. He hopes that his music paints a picture for the listener and provides a musical escape for those in need of one. Henryd will be performing alongside close friends and fellow artists JusMari and Kenny Morrell. JusMari is a multi talented musician with experience in a variety of genres. His vocal and guitar skills create smooth melodies that appeal to all listeners. Kenny Morrell has an incredibly unique voice that allows him to glide over any instrumental and steal the show whenever he is featured on a track.

Aug 10
By Indy, For Indy 2023 w/ midwxst
HI-FI Annex
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