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leafy green jam scene
neo-psychedelic groove

Formed during the lockdown days of 2020, Houseplant emerged post-pandemic a band fully evolved. A group of veteran players with the chops and vision to hit the ground running. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Dropping singles from a soon-to-be released debut record, selling out shows in Louisville and Cincinnati and galvanizing a passionate fanbase that has risen up to support them.

They are undoubtedly a jam band, but there is a songwriter’s twinkle in their collective third eye. An indie rock band with a penchant for collaborative jams and improvisation. Led by the rhythms of the electric mandolin, mixed with deep rhythmic grooves and rich sonic textures, they seem complete, but the timeline suggests Houseplant is only getting started.

Feb 3
Dizgo Presents Melt
The Vogue
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