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Jervis Campbell is a Nashville based artist known for his introspective lyrics, signature vocals, and unique production – all packaged into intimate and authentic songs that he has played across the country. With only one album and an EP out he has found a strong following in both the physical and digital world. So far he has amassed over 70 million streams on streaming platforms and that number continues to grow.

In November 2021, Campbell released the self-written “Onward & Upward”–his debut full-length album packed with the lyrical and emotional depth of a life that has learned through experience and come out the other side. “I wanted to push myself and try to make this album as authentic as I could so I made these songs to come to life by my own hands” says Campbell, who produced the whole record on his own in his home studio.

With the success and reception of “Onward & Upward”, Campbell has started moving forward with his next album, called the “Hopeful Hearts Club”. It will be released as singles monthly throughout 2023 and he will be touring with his band on his “Hopeful Hearts Tour”. The band will be playing songs from his past record as well as the new ones from this one. “ I was in a dry season of life for a long time and felt like there was no way out–slowly but surely though I started to feel this sliver of hope and realized how important it was to me. I started writing again and realized that all of my songs were about hope. I guess a little bit of hope can go a long way.”

With the Hopeful Hearts Tour ahead as well as his sophomore album, there is a lot of excitement from fans around the country. The spring holds 20 shows up the East Coast, around the Midwest, and down through Texas. He will have his full band and they will be playing the full show with lights and full production. The momentum is in full swing and things seem to only look brighter from here.

Apr 23
Jervis Campbell
HI-FI Indianapolis
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