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As a multi chart-topping country artist with 20 albums to his credit, including a whopping 72 tracks within 2018 alone, John Schneider could quite realistically be counted among the most prolific and recognized entertainers of all time. Of course, he is known all the world over for hit singles such as It’s Now Or Never (top charting Elvis Presley cover of any genre ever), I’ve Been Around Long Enough To Know, Country Girls, It’s A Short Walk From Heaven To Hell, I’m Gonna Leave You Tomorrow, What’s A Memory Like You (Doing in a Love Like This), You Are The Last Thing I Needed, At The Sound of The Tone, Take The Long Way Home, and Love You Ain’t Seen The Last of Me. John retired from the music industry, until a devastating flood struck his home in 2016, nearly 20 years, he later birthed a new album Ruffled Skirts, which started him into his journey of The Odyssey, an ambitious project which was produced by superstar session man, Paul Leim, then rerecorded Greatest Hits…Still! , plus the holiday album Merry Christmas Baby, completing the comeback in 2018.

In 2019, John Schneider rounded his repertoire with two more albums, one produced with Cody McCarver, of Confederate Railroad, a nod to the Southern Rock, Redneck Rebel, and then a counter intuitive album, as Johnny Cash once spoke to John, “You will know, when its time to produce a gospel album.” Recycling Grace, produced with Larry Hall & Kerry Marx on guitar.


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