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Americana/FolkIndiana ArtistSinger/Songwriter
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Kara Cole is making her solo debut with her latest release of “3 Weeks” // Born and raised in the Midwest, she calls Indianapolis her home. The haunting undertones of her vocals and the affliction in her delivery makes you believe in her pain. 
 Coming out of addiction and starting her journey in recovery, Kara gives credit to the music for saving her. It gave her a place to land and bleed out her feelings that she long ran from. 
 “Kara Cole delivers a perfectly endearing vocal on 3 Weeks And even though it’s perfect it has that other “thing” that makes you stay and listen. It’s free and flowing and personal and emotional. You can’t hear her thinking which is hard to find these days. There’s an authentic pleading in her voice and her lyrics that work masterfully to glue the song together with great production and players and a familiar quality to Kara’s voice that is reminiscent of Emmylou Harris’s Red Dirt Girl record yet is uniquely her own. Kara’s talent as an amazingly talented singer and writer are spot on here. She means it and that’s all we listeners ever really want.” // Jennie DeVoe
 This new project is riding that Americana Folk/Country lane that so many of the greats paved the way for. Joni Mitchell, Joan Osborne and currently Brandi Carlile is waving the flag for. She is excited to give you her heart and let you see inside her walls!

Nov 11
Mason Jennings
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