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26-year-old Navy veteran Kashus Culpepper was born and raised in Alexander City, Alabama where he grew up singing in church and discovered the beauty of music of all genres. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder and Howlin’ Wolf to Chris Stapleton and Ray Lamontagne, Kashus has developed his own unique singing style that has inspired crowds throughout Alabama and the Mississippi Gulf Coast where he became a fixture in the music scene playing covers and originals five nights a week. While playing in cover bars helped pay the bills, Kashus knew early on that he would much prefer that audiences sing along to his own original songs rather than the songs of others. It was with that in mind that he made the move to Nashville Tennessee where he has been welcomed by the songwriting and artist community.  He has since written some amazing songs that remain rooted in country, but reflect the wide range of music and artistry that have influenced him throughout his life. Be on the lookout for some of those songs to hit streaming platforms in the months ahead.
Apr 16
Kashus Culpepper
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