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Originally hailing from the city-burbs of St. Louis, Missouri, Lisa Houdei (aka LéPonds) blurs the lines between her creative life and her everyday existence. Basking in plants, pets, paint, and sunlight, she pulls sultry melodies and bouncing guitar riffs out of the air to carry her bittersweet lyrics along.

LéPonds combines traditional folk instrumentation with ethereal vocals that occasionally cut into punctuated catharsis- reflecting deeply emotional and spiritual experiences. Textured soundscapes provide a background for rich, organic imagery born by LéPond’s soothing alto. With three releases under her belt (2016’s Heat, 2018’s I Was Dancing with My Dream Team, and 2019’s Lean To) and another one on the way, LéPonds has continued to craft her homegrown style into a signature sound.

Sep 8
Haley Heynderickx
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