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Low Gap is primed to take the Country Music world by storm. Brothers Gus and Phin Johnson are only 19 and 17, respectively, but are already making an impact with their authentic writing and catchy tunes. With roots in Eastern Kentucky and Southeastern Ohio, Gus and Phin grew up listening to Bluegrass and Americana music. That—combined with Folk, Country, and Classic and Southern Rock—creates the unique tone that has become the duo’s signature sound. Gus wrote his first song at 13 years old, and only months later wrote “Mockingbird,” their biggest hit, which was ranked second on Grady Smith’s list of “non-hit singles” for 2022. The brothers backed the success of “Mockingbird” up with a self-titled album full of passion and relatability. On January 19, Low Gap released their latest single, “Eldora.”
Mar 9
William Matheny
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