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Lucas Waterfill

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HI-FI Annex
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Lucas Waterfill is a seriously brilliant comedian. He is able to make big points about society, while being sure to make it plain that he doesn’t have the answers either. He doesn’t hide his mistakes, and he has a great vocabulary at his disposal to help describe them. In 2017 he won “Funniest Person in Cincinnati“ and in 2021 he won,“Funniest Person in Indiana.“ Also, he has been featured in many festivals, such as “Lime Stone Comedy Festival“ and “Laughing Skull Comedy Festival.” He recently released his debut, special “Public Iconvenience“ with Comedy Dynamics. Lucas Waterfill has garnered massive support with tens of thousands of followers on all social media platforms. Many of his videos have gone viral with millions of views. He’s opened for many well-known figures in comedy, making their job more difficult, as the audience falls in love with Lucas every time.


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