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Electronic/EDM/HouseIndiana Artist
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Hello! My name is Maddie Pritchett aka MAD Pritch. I am a music producer, recording engineer, songwriter, pianist, DJ & singer/rapper from Carmel, Indiana. I have released nearly 100 original songs and I am so grateful to have made music with incredible musicians all around the world! My musical catalogue is available on all streaming platforms. I graduated from Indiana University in 2020 and I now live in Indianapolis! Since I was a young girl I have been a writer and I am currently writing my first book. I have a series on my YouTube channel called “Studio Sessions” that display my different piano and musical compositions. These episodes and videos comprise of my composing and performing in the comfort of my home! I produce music using Ableton Live. My mission is to inspire the creation of peace, joy, beauty, love & harmony in one’s life. What are you passionate about? What makes your heart smile?
Dec 23
G-Space (Live)
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