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Matt Sucich writes songs mostly with a pen and sings them, always, with his mouth. His last name is pronounced Sue.Sitch and his new LP is called Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself, and features performances from long-time collaborators, friends, and bandmates, including a special appearance from Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. Tracked over the summer of 2020 in Brooklyn, NY, with co-producer and engineer, Jeff Fettig, Sucich’s lyrics are front-and-center in a mostly hushed production from the storytelling of the opening track, “Make Peace” to the vignettes of the album closer, “New Normal” and Dave Holmes, from Esquire magazine, says Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself “feels like a good, honest talk with a close friend after a tough year.”

Prior to 2021’s Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself, Matt’s 2019 LP Thousand Dollar Dinners put him on the map. Not the “pop-culture map” you might be familiar with but more like the spiral bound kind you’d find in the passenger seat pocket of your grandfather’s Chrysler leBaron, coffee stained, torn at the edges, and sometimes missing complete pages, likely from that one time he used all of Oklahoma as a napkin while eating a bacon egg & cheese sandwich on his way to Long Island and saying to your grandmother, “When’s the next time we’re going to drive through Oklahoma. ha ha ha.”

On the road Matt Sucich most recently spent summer 2021 supporting Counting Crows on their “Butter Miracle Tour.” Matt has also performed at Willie Nelson’s Heartbreaker Banquet in Luck, TX, Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN and Newport Folk Festival in Newport, RI. It’s possible you’ve heard Matt Sucich on the radio, including NYC’s WFUV, WXPN in Philadelphia, and Nashville’s Lightning 100. Or maybe Matt’s 2016 single “Montauk,” a favorite of the ever mysterious Spotify algorithm, came up on your weekly playlist…or maybe not. Either way you’re here now, so thanks.

Mar 10
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