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Mental Cruelty

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Embark on a journey through the darkness as Zwielicht weave tales of forbidden realms. From the haunting depths of “Obsessis A Daemonio” to the chilling echoes of “Symphony of a Dying Star”. Enter a realm where “Forgotten Kings” rise, plagued by the curse of “Pest,” while the enigmatic “Nordlys” lights the path to redemption. Brace yourself for the raw intensity and brutality of “Mortal Shells” and surrender to the poem of “Zwielicht.” Prepare for a symphony of agony, where arrogance meets despair. This is the immersive and captivating world of Zwielicht.

Let us embrace a new era of darkness by bringing the “black” into blackened heavy music. Join us on the way down to infernal gates of hell to be rebirthed back to life. The album contains the most mind-bending variety of different heavy musical influences and sounds. Epic symphonic orchestras accompanied by slam breakdowns; this will have it all. Inspired from metaphors written by nature, death, and inner demons.


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