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Since 2004, Mihali Savoulidis has consistently elevated Twiddle to unparalleled heights on the winds of his articulately nimble six-string sorcery, genre-bending essence, and soulful vocal eloquence. Along the way, audiences clamored for a possible solo album, which he delivers in 2020 with Breathe and Let Go.

“Fans joke about it finally coming out, because I’ve been talking about it for ten years,” he smiles. “My main focus was always Twiddle. I had this sense of wanting to do a record—but the time, resources, and vibe had to be right. The music of Breathe and Let Go reflects what I loved to listen to growing up. Before I got into the jam world, it was raw songwriting that resonated with me. I feel strangely nostalgic listening to the album. It’s my past and my present, but also my future. It’s the first time I’m stepping out. The songs are almost like diary entries. They’re not all about me, but I’ll write from a third-person perspective when it comes to others around me. It’s my song-diary.”

As Mihali evolves on Breathe and Let Go, he ultimately exhales a fresh creative spirit.

“When you hear the record, I’d love for you to feel good,” he concludes. “Even if you relate to one tune, I’d be happy. I hope my music is the soundtrack to someone’s life. I put everything I had into this. It feels like my own. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”


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