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Molly Grace is a bonafide pop-funk starlet blazing her own lane with her heart, humor, and charm.

The Nashville-based artist is taking the music industry by storm with her earworm, genre-bending catalog. Taking inspiration from artists like Lizzo, Remi Wolf, and Lawrence, Molly masterfully blends elements of funk with modern pop music, making for songs that are infectiously groovy and relevant yet timeless.

Whether you stumbled upon a TikTok of hers or wound up in the audience at one of her shows, Molly’s high-energy, charismatic, and genuine presence is sure to win you over. As playful as she is in her lyricism and production, Molly is as serious as they come. Vocal and passionate about women empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, and body positivity, she is determined to make great music and change lives while doing so.

Growing up in New England, Molly had a flair for all things performing arts from a young age – choir, musical theater, a cappella, and, yes, improv comedy. Her warm personality is characteristic of Nashville, but her witty, candid sense of humor will remind you quickly that she’s a Bostonian at heart. Molly headlines her first ever tour to commemorate and promote the release of her sophomore EP, “Lovesick”, detailing all of the ways love can drive you crazy delivered through Molly’s signature cheeky songwriting. A true Sagittarian, Molly is fiery and optimistic with big dreams for the years ahead in her budding career. She’d be honored to have ya along for the ride.

Feb 24
Molly Grace
LO-FI Lounge
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