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Molly O’Leary (they/them) is an indie folk/rock singer-songwriter from New Bedford, Massachusetts. They perform solo, duo, and with a full band nationally. “Holding Space,” their first full band studio album, is out now. “Holding Space” was recorded and produced by John Mailloux at Bongo Beach Productions. Molly is known for their use of songwriting as a form of activism to raise awareness about mental health and social justice. Molly was a semi-finalist in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition for their song “Karen Carpenter,” which was written to raise awareness about eating disorders, diet culture, and health at every size. Molly and the band were finalists in the 2022 Last Band Standing Competition, and they have been nominated for the 2022 New England Music Awards New Act of the Year. Molly has opened up and shared the stage with renowned artists like Ryan Cassata, Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, Will Hoge, Geoff Rickly (from Thursday), Nate Bergman, Chris Griffiths, Thom Donovan, Allen Jones, Scout Gillett, Rebecca Correia, Jillian Jensen, and Matt Cusson. They also integrate music into their job as a school counselor, private practice therapist, and yoga teacher. Follow @mollyolearymusic on social media to see what’s up with their music and cats.

“When I first heard Molly’s music, it hooked me. They have a great voice. Really cool songs. Obviously those things matter a ton but Molly also seemed to really have the other thing that is vital to being a musician and that’s the desire and work ethic to get yourself out there and do the hard work of getting your music heard by folks. I’m a fan and I can’t wait to see where the path Molly chooses and follows takes them next.” -Will Hoge

Apr 16
Will Hoge
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