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Narisa Khamvanthong (Nari) was born and raised in the Bay Area of California, and always enjoyed the music scene there but never thought she’d be getting into music herself. As she started getting more familiar with the bands and artists in her community, she finally decided to pick up the guitar and write her own songs.

More recently, while away at school in Lexington, Kentucky, she started writing songs and uploading them to Soundcloud. The reactions from her friends, musical peers, and complete strangers was extremely positive and lead to a collaboration with Nashville’s Okey Dokey and some discovery from fans around the country.

Nari’s next single, “Julia”, a sweet ode to friendship. It’s inspired by Nari’s friend, Julia Tamaoki. The two met in middle school and became inseparable. But eventually, Nari moved from California to the Midwest for college and it left a hole in her heart. The two still keep in touch and still best friends after all these years. As Nari says, “Julia has always been my rock and my biggest fan and has inspired a lot of what I do as an artist. Whenever I am having a hard time or I feel homesick she is the first thing I think of and it helps me get through the tough times of being away from home.” This one’s for you, Julia, xoxo.

We love Nari because she just did it. Pick up a guitar. Write songs. Share them. You can do it.

Jun 25
Okey Dokey
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