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Pearla’s music is discovered in the same way one might a childhood toy trunk, a storied treasure chest, or a beloved jewelry box. It is a strangely familiar universe — at once, able to be endlessly explored and lovingly held in your hand; at once, emotionally expansive and exquisitely contained.
Pearla is 23-year-old Nicole Rodriguez, a Brooklyn songstress blending mystical twinges of folk, pop and psychedelia into one warm and gently serrating, sonic experience. Her label debut ‘Quilting & Other Activities’ will be released September 6, 2019 on Egghunt Records (Lucy Dacus, Gold Connections, Camp Howard). It was written and co-produced by Nicole Rodriguez, co-produced and arranged by Tyler Postiglione (Rektagon, Strange Loops), mixed by Phil Joly (The Strokes, Lana Del Rey) and mastered by Sarah Register (The Shins, Big Thief) — all across the eternally beating Brooklyn, New York.
Nov 12
San Fermin
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