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Phillip Vo is a 23 year-old singer-songwriter who uses passionate piano pop to talk about life, love, and everything in between. With irresistible melodies, intentional instrumentation, and wholesome lyrics, he’s able to shine a light on the beauty that’s often taken for granted- the kind found in ordinary places.

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Vo moved to Nashville, TN after graduation to continue the career he started while in college. He’s played a hundred plus house shows across the United States, opened for and collaborated with artist the likes of Jordy Searcy and Ben Rector, and has written a prolific amount of songs in an attempt to hone his craft.

Across all platforms, Vo has collected over three million streams as his fan base is steadily growing. His latest project, “Late Bloomer”, attempts to give listeners a peak into the mind of a twenty-something searching for meaning in a variety of places. From fun pop songs with somber lyrics, to serious songs about faith and doubt, the EP provides a contrast that mirrors the complexity life as a young adult.

Vo hopes that his listeners are encouraged, comforted, and given a sense of hope when they listen to his songs. As he plays in living rooms and coffee shops, the message behind the music he plays is one of joy and contentment. Phillip writes, “I think the world is hungry for hope- not a false one, but the kind that’s real. The kind that you can find just by looking around at what you already have.”

Mar 23
Jordy Searcy
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