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Ritch Henderson hails from the poverty-stricken hills of Northern Alabama. As a child, he struggled to learn his place in a world with very limited social mobility. Torn in the discordance of the world views of his Detroit, Michigan native parents; and those in charge of his education, Henderson found solace and a means of self-expression in writing poetry, and music at a very early age. Out of high school, Ritch enlisted in the United States Marine Corps; in hopes to escape the grasps of the small Southern town that he was raised in, which has been devastated by the opioid and methamphetamine epidemic. After finding himself in Afghanistan at only 19 years old; Henderson will struggle for the better part of a decade coping with post-traumatic stress through self-medication, and searching for the solace he once found while performing in intimate clubs and venues across the Southeast, and the Midwest. Ritch is currently a full-time student at Berklee College of Music; pursuing a degree in music business and production, as well as managing a full-time touring schedule.

Securing multiple support dates on tour with Arlo McKinley (John Prine’s final signee at Oh Boy Records) and performing his own headlining shows across the Southeast, and the Midwest, momentum is starting to build for Ritch Henderson & The Grandiose Delusion. In addition to his touring success; Ritch’s music was featured on the album “Just Behind The Creek” which peaked at #11 on Billboard’s Bluegrass Chart. Ritch has been elevated from the grips of generational poverty through his career in music; touring the country with his 4 piece Red Clay Rock & Roll band where he writes, and sings; raw, emotional songs about his experience with Loss, love, redemption, addiction, psychedelic substances, and the occasional deal with the devil.

From Tulsa’s legendary Mercury Lounge to the Tumbleweed Music festival and the historic Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Colorado. Ritch is building personal relationships with industry professionals and fans alike all the while continuing to hone his unique brand of Rock & Roll.

“Ritch Henderson doesn’t merely sing a song. He spews pieces of his soul into the ether with each verse”.

– Jay Potter, The Hippies And Cowboys Podcast

Aug 7
Ritch Henderson & The Grandoise Delusion
HI-FI Indianapolis
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