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Offering a breath of fresh, familiar air, Sam Stoane strikes a balance between timelessness and modernity; blurring the lines between folk and country and offering songs that transport listeners into the scenic stories she paints. With a raw, honest emotionality to her lyrics, the California native sounds akin to Tyler Childers’ female counterpart as she possesses an instantly recognizable voice that is unafraid to tackle subject matter outside of the lines of mainstream country songwriting. In doing so, she uses the steel guitar, fiddle and mandolin as vehicles to drive her melody and lyric-centric sound. With a host of music on the horizon, Stoane has positioned herself as one of the brightest up-and-comers in the country and folk landscapes as she promises to stay true to the niche she has carved. “My sound is something I’d never steer away from or compromise, because it’s rooted in who I am.”
Mar 6
SOLD OUT: Sam Barber – Till I Return Tour
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