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A step over a thin line, a jolt from a dream, a tight grip that dissolves in your hands.

Los Angeles’ Sarah Grace White writes music from this place. On her forthcoming debut Are You Here This Time, she reaches for something, anything, to hold onto in the dark. The result is a cathartic six-song EP that celebrates movement, the thin boundaries of space, and encapsulates an artist on the precipice of self ownership.

At the center of White’s sonic expression is her voice, which glides easily from unflinching power to broken heights. Her tone reaches the soulful heart of Annie Lennox and sears with the intimacy of Portishead’s Beth Gibbons. Co-Producer Jorge Balbi paints the room with expansive percussion and intuitive soundscapes that feel modern and organic, at home in the visceral pop worlds of Brian Eno and Kate Bush. Each track has a pulse of its own – there is the spaced out heartbeat of a dance in the middle of nowhere, a never-ending drive, and a walk home alone at four in the morning.

Sarah Grace White emerges from longing to ask of herself the EP’s titular question, Are You Here This Time, and answers back in an echo of soul, grit, joy, and intention. While she may wander in and out of yearning and uncertainty, in her new musical landscape she is ready, free, and present.

Oct 19
HI-FI Annex
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