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“SUP” is the second full-length record from Buffalo, NY band Super American. Written between multi-instrumentalists Matt Cox and Patrick Feeley, the album is about fear and the tongue-in-cheek inversion of it. Its seams burst with breakneck indie rock, well-caffeinated pop punk, and breezy emo that, at their heart, all prop up a central tension: life is a goddamn miracle, so why do we have to feel so scared and shitty all the time?
 …”SUP” marks the culmination of that friendship built on the ensuing years spent writing songs together as a means to deal with the desperate contradictions life throws your way. It’s a documentation of contemporary Western life: jacked-up, blown-out, bloodshot, confused, lonesome, searching, and hopeful.
 – Luke Ottenhof, Corey Talbot

Jun 30
Heart Attack Man – Freak of Na-Tour
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