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Since 2017, the 3-piece indie-pop band has been building a community of fans who love and support each other as much as the music they are listening to. Telehope has sold out several hometown shows in Cincinnati as well as supported artists like COIN, PUBLIC, Max Frost, Walk Off the Earth, THE WLDLFE, Vesperteen, HARBOUR in addition to performing at many colleges around the U.S. and touring nationally. We write music for those who ask themselves who they are and what their purpose is in this life. We create for those who need an ounce of hope to grab onto. We stand up for those who struggle with self-worth, self-image, and self-doubt. We encourage those who battle depression and anxiety. Our albums are a snapshot into our souls, recorded in audio-form. We hope you feel incredible joy and inspiration from our music, and we hope these songs cause you to ask the question we ask ourselves every day: ‘am I who I want to be?’


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