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I make music to help people feel better 🙂

I had a dream of being an artist, and no one believed in me in my twenties; they all told me to go get a job and “get in line”. Well I didn’t listen to any of them, instead I listened to my heart and kept following my dream for 10 years. No one listened to my music for a long time but I still had hope, I kept working at it; I knew no one in the music industry, and my family knew no one either, but I still figured out a way to put myself out there with Youtube channels, Soundcloud, Spotify.

Everything started when I released Promises, then later, Pacing, The Last Ones Standing (Songs that are still indie, that I 100% own). Pete Tong Premiered it on BBC1, and I remember listening to it in my parent’s house, knowing that it was possibly going to change my life.

I always wanted to help people’s lives or at least give them a new perspective on life through my art. I get emotional reading some of the messages I’ve gotten throughout the years; some people overcame addictions, broken relationships, sometimes army PTSD or army injuries, comas, I’m glad that I’m able to make a small contribution in people’s lives, keeps me going to help get my message out there. I believe in peace, wellness, living a healthier life, meditation, community. Any kind of hate, not only can I not stand, I can’t comprehend it.

We’ve all been given different hands, different features, color of skin, background, but in the end, we’re all human.

Nov 11
HI-FI Indianapolis
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